Working groups and their research topics

Scientific focus of our working groups

The Chair of Energy Process Engeneering of FAU is structured into the assistant professorship of Prof. Herkendell and the research field of Prof. Karl. Prof. Karls supervises three working groups:


The assistant professorship for Distributed Energy Process Engineering of Prof. Herkendell adresses the scientific focus:

  • Bioelectrocatalytic energy produciton (enzymatic and microbial fuel cells, engineering of electrode surfaces)
  • Waste-to-Energy (self-fueled biosensors, bioeconomy, bioelectrical systems with anaerob digestion, valorization of orcanic waste)
  • Bioelectricsynthesis (biocatalytical production of high-value chemicals, electro-methanogenesis, CO2-biotransformations)
  • Bioelektrosynthese (biokatalysierte Produktion höherwertiger Chemikalien, Elektro-Methanogenese, CO2-Biotransformationen)