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Workgroup Energy Systems and Energy Economics

The lack of acceptance and ever-increasing investment risks for large power plant projects have led to an investment in the European energy industry since the nineties. The age structure of the European power market simultaneously forces a rapid rebuilding of the electricity industry, the further expansion of renewable energies and an ever increasing network of increasingly decentralized production structures.

With the analysis of electricity and gas markets, agent-based simulations and active collaboration in international and interdisciplinary research networks, the Chair of Energy Process Engineering contributes actively to the assessment of technical and economic risks of new energy technologies in the energy-economic context. A special concern is the acknowledgment of the success of the German Energiewende and its employees in the workgroup Energy Systems and Energy Economy under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. Thomas Plankenbühler Further development not only in Germany but also worldwide.


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Dr.-Ing. Thomas Plankenbühler

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Lehrstuhl für Energieverfahrenstechnik