Study on energy prices

Germany without renewable energies?

At the press conference, the chairman of the CSU working group Energiewende Dr. Siegfried Balleis  presented the discussion paper “Germany without renewable energies”, funded by the initiative Campus Future Energy Systems (FES) for Siemens AG – electricity costs and security of supply without The feed-in of renewable energies in the years 2011-2013 “of the Chair for Energy Process Engineering of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU).

“Germany without renewable energies?
Electricity costs and reliability of supply without the supply of renewable energies in the years 2011-2013 “

Analyzes of the electricity price development of the past years show surprising: without electricity from renewable energies, there would have been considerable price increases in Germany. And not only that – without wind and photovoltaics, demand could not have been covered …


Zur Pressemitteilung der FAU vom 03.02.2015

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