Research networks

Research networks

The Chair for Energy Process Engineering is a member of several research networks:


Die Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V. (FEE) is a non-profit innovation network in the field of renewable energies.


ABBY-Net is an interdisciplinary network of researchers from Alberta and Bavarian universities, striving to jointly address research topics, and under changing environmental conditions. ABBY-Net’s goal is to provide a platform for experts from various disciplines to explore progressive solutions for future energy systems.


The Regional Leaders Summit (RLS) Is a forum that connects seven regions (nations and provinces) representing a total of approximately 177 million people on five continents and a total GDP of three trillion US dollars.

The regions are: Bavaria (Germany), Georgia (USA), Québec (Canada), São Paulo (Brazil), Shandong (China), Upper Austria (Austria) and Western Cape (South Africa).


Due to its relevance and timeliness, the field of energy system analysis is to be further developed as an important component of the promotion of energy research by the Federal Government. To this end, a long-term research network, Energy Systems Analysis, has been developed under the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which advises on promotion strategies and bundles and coordinates the research work in this area. In addition, the network will help to increase the transparency and comparability of the modeling tools used in the sense of a scientific quality control. The institutions participating in the research project in the framework of the project will participate in appropriate measures.


“Energetische Biomassenutzung”

The Future Energy Systems Campus (FES) is a collaboration of Siemens with universities and institutes to drive the fields of electrification and automation and digitization.