Kinetics of Biomass Gasification

Investigating the thermal conversion of biomass at high heating rates

The knowledge of the pyrolysis’ properties of various solid biomass fuels is an important basis for their energetic use. Both in direct combustion and in the finishing of biomass by means of thermal conversion, pyrolysis plays a decisive role in the design of plants.

The focus of research at EVT lies on the development of suitable methods for the investigation of pyrolysis kinetics at very high heating rates. This is of paramount importance especially with regard to fluidised bed combustion and gasification systems since these have very high heating rates of the fuel. The yield of the solid, liquid and gaseous fractions is essentially dependent on the heating rate of the biomass products during pyrolysis.



Dr.-Ing. Dominik Müller

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Lehrstuhl für Energieverfahrenstechnik