FAU becomes 275 years old, knowledge market days: EVT exhibits electro mobility within the motto ‘standstill and movement’

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The Chair of Energy Process Engineering presents current results of research at the market days of knowledge in Nuremberg, Fuerth and Erlangen. The Chair used the opportunity, to provide an interdisciplinary exchange of thoughts and ideas outside university. Certain Myths of mobility could be proved or disproved with facts. It is important, to encourage consumers enthusiasm for alternative ways of transport, for a effective change in CO2-emmision. A Change in the means of transport will have a great effect on our emission of carbon dioxide and therefore a effect on our climate. The means of transport cause 20% of the carbon dioxide emission in Europe today. The results of the research were presented with a poster. Interested people had the chance to compare their current car with a electric vehicle via a calculation application.

The participants had the chance to produce their own energy, by driving a bike on a dynamo. The dynamo produces electrical energy, which could be used to run a little car race on racing tracks.